Trinity in 2020

In the Orthodox calendar, 12 major events are noted, called the twelfth holidays. They are established in honor of memorable events from the earthly life of Christ. The Trinity is one of the most important religious celebrations celebrated by the entire Orthodox world. The holiday is dedicated to the descent of the Holy Spirit on the holy apostles and is celebrated annually on the 50th day after Easter.

Euro 2020 in St. Petersburg

The last decade, the Russian Federation has become the center of world sports. In our country, the Winter Olympics 2014 in Sochi took place, many university world competitions took place. In 2018, the football world championship took place in Russian cities. FIFA President Gianni Infantino has not been tired of repeating for a long time that it was the brightest World Cup in history.

Grade 4 exams in 2020

All schoolchildren of the Russian Federation pass obligatory final exams in the 4th grade, and in 2020 the final certification of graduates of the elementary school, which is often called the USE, will be held in standard mode. Introduced back in 2017, the Unified State Exam during the transition from the I to II level of education is subjected to intense criticism from the parents, but it is not worth counting on its cancellation in the near future.

Lump sum payment to pensioners in 2020

A lump sum payment to pensioners in 2020 is granted only to a small category of citizens. Including veterans of the Second World War, owners of funded pensions, people who have not received their due payments for 2018-2020. For other groups of the population, additional payments are not provided. Instead, the government announced a number of other positive changes.

UAZ Patriot 2020 model year

The Patriot SUV (UAZ-3163 factory index) replaced the Simbir model in the 2005 production line of the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant. The new all-wheel drive car received a frame structure, a five-door all-metal body, a front-engine layout and could be operated not only on various roads, but also in off-road conditions, as well as on rough terrain.

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Examination in Chemistry in 2020

For everyone who will pass the final exam in chemistry at the USE 2020, we have gathered basic information about whether there will be changes in the structure of the CMM and the format of the test in the upcoming GIA-11 season, what will be the date in the preliminary and main periods, how to organize the preparation and when you can retake the exam.

Quarantine in Saratov 2019-2020

The last quarantine in Saratov was introduced in 2019. Thanks to the coordinated work of doctors and the city administration, it was possible to stop the spread of infection. Unfortunately, in 2020, history repeats itself. Health workers and local authorities are confident that quarantine will reduce the number of cases in the near future.

Final essay 2019-2020 on literature

Pupils across the country will sit down at one time to write an essay on literature, which acts as a kind of admission to the more global stage - the USE 2020. Many guys are pre-configured for complexity, are afraid not to cope with the tasks. However, statistics are ready to reassure them. Indeed, according to official data, only 1-2% do not cope with the criteria.

Raising maternal capital in 2020

Maternal family capital (MSC) - the meaning of this term is familiar to many Russian families. MSC is included in the demographic program - "Demography", which was developed by specialists to increase the birth rate in the Russian Federation. The Government has tried to compensate for the population holes that were formed due to the Second World War and the difficult economic situation in the 90s by increasing population incentives by giving birth to a second and subsequent children.

New BMW 2019-2020

The German company very carefully approaches the model range of its cars, carefully monitoring the ongoing changes in the automotive market. Taking into account existing trends, BMW has planned to launch new products for the next 2019 and 2020. We offer you to find out what new BMW models will be available soon in the salons of Europe and Russia.

Business ideas 2019-2020

Few modern people would not want to do their own business, so as not to work for hire. Not only young people dream of this, but also quite respectable by age people who already have a certain experience, means and desire. Both those and others need to know the best business ideas of 2019-2020 in order to choose an occupation based on them, not only for money, but also for the soul.

New AvtoVAZ 2018 - 2020

Thanks to cooperation with leading world brands, models with a rook on the logo are becoming closer to the best international standards, occupying ever higher places in international popularity ratings. Today, numerous photos of new products for the upcoming season allow you to make a choice and stay on the most attractive car for the most demanding and demanding customers.

Muslim calendar for the year 2020 with holidays

Around the world, there are nearly 1.6 billion adherents of Islam. Like the Orthodox, they have their own memorable dates marked on the Muslim calendar. What days will the holidays fall in 2020? Muslim holidays In 2020, the calendar marked many dates revered by Muslims.

What will be the children born in 2020

In 2020, a new twelve-year cycle of the eastern zodiac will begin, so children born this year will be endowed with special qualities. Not only the host animal of the year, but the color with the elements will influence their character and fate. And if you add that 2020 will be a leap, the fate of the kids promises to be even more interesting.

Friends Day 2020

Sincerity, mutual understanding, touch points, mutual understanding are important for the normal social functioning of a person, while true friendship is the crown of the whole emotional series. It is to the people to whom we feel such strong feelings that play a huge role on our entire life path - from becoming a person to death, and therefore Friends Day 2020 should be an integral part of the calendar of events for this year.

About the program of resettlement of compatriots in 2019-2020

Note that the state program for the resettlement of compatriots appeared in 2006. Its creation made it possible for people who had ever lived in Russia or are relatives of people living in Russia or the former USSR to return from abroad. In this article, we will tell you in detail about this state program in 2019-2020 and its features.

Gifts for the family for the New Year 2020

Gifts to the family for the New Year 2020 will cause a maximum of positive emotions, if you seriously approach their choice. Presents bought in a hurry in the last days before the holiday, as a rule, bring neither joy nor benefit, so you need to make a list in advance. Let's look at gift ideas for each family member.